Founded by Jesse Gunnin in 2009, Gunnin Land Surveying has become one of the most respected  land surveying firms in Georgia.


With a total staff of 30, including 4 professional surveyors, the company produces large volumes of work while providing the same exceptional service and quality that the Gunnin reputation was built on. Gunnin’s key leadership personnel, with a combined survey experience log of well over 100 years, have an extensive portfolio of projects with high profile clients in the commercial, residential, and environmental sectors.


Jesse Gunnin, President

Jesse founded Gunnin Land Surveying in 2009, during the Great Recession. As the sole owner and sole employee, and with nowhere to go but up, a stable foundation of positive thinking, quality work and client satisfaction was laid. Over the years Jesse has progressively delegated the day to day operations to his project managers and now spends most of his time in training/development of employees, assistance with difficult surveys, quality control and administrative duties. Jesse enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, traveling, hunting, golfing and working on his property.

Expertise: Survey management, client relations

Education: BA in Mathematic with a minor in International Studies, Southern Polytechnic State University

Certifications: Professional Land Surveyor, Georgia; GSWCC Level II Certified

Years of experience: 16


Zac Weisel, Vice president

Zac started with Gunnin Land Surveying in 2011 and has worked as a field technician, AutoCAD draftsman, and Project Manager. With three field crews and two AutoCAD draftsmen, he currently coordinates construction layout of commercial and residential sites, platting, and final site as-builts. Zac also provides quotes and proposals to potential clients interested in working with Gunnin Land Surveying.

Expertise: Construction layout, residential development projects, aerial/drone services

Education: BS in Surveying and Mapping, Kennesaw State University

Certifications: Professional Land Surveyor, Florida; FAA 107 Certified

Years of experience: 9


Albert Gramling, Jr., Project Manager

Albert started his surveying career in 1993 and joined Gunnin Land Surveying in 2013. He currently leads a team of three AutoCAD draftsmen and three field crews in the completion of residential and commercial development projects. Albert’s team frequently handles complex commercial and municipal construction layout projects.

Expertise: Residential development, boundary surveys

Education: BS in Civil Engineering Technology, Sothern Polytechnic State University

Certifications: Professional Land Surveyor, Georgia; GSWCC Level II Certified

Years of experience: 26


Carol Martin, Survey Manager

Beginning her surveying career in 1982, Carol brings years of knowledge and experience to Gunnin Land Surveying. She has been the “go to” surveyor at Gunnin for data intensive projects such as commercial ALTA surveys and large boundary and topographic surveys. Carol is diligent with property research to ensure an accurate product. Since starting with Gunnin in 2015, Carol has provided numerous ALTA surveys.

Expertise: Boundary/ALTA/Minor plats, geodetic surveys

Education: A.A.S. Forestry, Paul Smith’s College of Arts & Sciences

Certifications: Certified Federal Surveyor (#1494); Professional Land Surveyor, Georgia

Years of experience: 36


Richie Kook, Project Manager

Richie started with Gunnin Land Surveying in 2011 but has worked alongside Jesse Gunnin since 2003. He started as a field technician but has worked a multitude of roles such as crew chief, draftsman, project manager, and operations manager. With the acquisition of Martin Survey Associates in 2017, Richie jumped back into the role of Project manager. He currently coordinates 2 to 3 crews on a number of landfills and environmentally sensitive sites throughout the southeast. He also facilitates our safe work initiative and personnel management while also performing administrative tasks such as invoicing and proposals for his team.

Expertise: Environmental Surveying, project management, and boundary, topographic, tree, & hydrological surveys

Education: Master’s in Teaching, Reinhardt University; Bachelors of History, University of Georgia

Certifications: Waste Management Safety Certified

Years of experience: 11


Gary Martin, Principal Surveyor

As the former owner/manager of Martin Survey Associates, Inc., Gary brings years of experience and knowledge to Gunnin Land Surveying. Mr. Martin’s experience was initially based in the upper Midwest for around 10 years, which included several federal cadastral/ boundary surveys. Gary then founded Martin Survey Associates and conducted his business in the southeast for 27 years. With 4 offices, Gary’s team provided services on over 37 environmental and solid waste sites throughout the south. With Gunnin’s acquisition of Martin Survey Associates in 2017, Gary now serves as a Principal Surveyor at Gunnin, reviewing and certifying surveys for his former environmental sites.

Expertise: Environmental/Landfill Surveying

Education: BS in Surveying, Ferris State University

Certifications: Professional Surveyor in the following states: GA, FL, AL, TN, SC, NC, MS, LA, AR, TX, OK, MI, MN, IA, WI, ND, SD and IL. Certified Waste Disposal/ Facility Operator (former)

U.S. Navy Veteran, Aviation Combat Electronics (1968-1972)

Years of experience: 46

How we operate

At Gunnin Land Surveying, we are a family.  We are proud to have team members that have been with us for nearly 10 years and come to work every day enjoying what they do.

We encourage the idea of training, educating and promoting from within, so we most often hire the entry level position of Assistant Field Technician. The qualifications for this position are minimal, yet the opportunity for advancement is excellent. However, at times we occasionally encounter dramatic workflow increases that do not allow us to strictly adhere to this philosophy. For that reason we always accept resumes for all skill levels and positions. Please send us a message below if you are interested in joining the Gunnin Land Surveying team.



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