Full-service land surveying and mapping

Gunnin Land Surveying provides comprehensive surveying services for large-scale projects, including major commercial, environmental and residential development. In addition to performing all major surveys, our team will work with you to develop custom packages and surveying deliverables to meet your project’s needs.


We routinely perform commercial and residential ALTA/NSPS land title surveys typically required in real estate transactions with commercial and other development properties.

Our team brings many years of experience working with our clients' lenders and attorneys in preparation for the survey, and we guarantee the accuracy and detail needed to ensure your ALTA survey serves as an accurate record against burdens like easements and encumbrances.

Pre-Design Packages

If one or more of our services do not provide a comprehensive solution to your project’s needs, our team of surveying experts and project managers will work with you to draft a custom surveying package that meets the challenges and requirements of your development.

Our tailored pre-design package can include services like boundary surveys, topographic surveys (field run or LiDAR), specimen tree locations, creek locations, pre and post-pond monitoring, and underground utility surveys.

Construction Layout

Our dedicated construction field team will ensure that staking for your construction project is completed accurately and on time. We work closely with developers and site contractors to ensure a clear picture of the site is laid out for construction and installation, and we take pride in providing accurate information so contractors can seamlessly install any infrastructure required for development.

In addition, Gunnin Land Surveying routinely prepares as-builts that are required by local jurisdictions and owners, and our office and field staff work hand-in-hand to accurately gather, check and prepare final as-builts for newly installed infrastructure.

UAV Services and Aerial Mapping

Gunnin Land Surveying is dedicated to providing clients with state-of-the-art surveying technology. Our team is licensed and trained to safely use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to obtain aerial survey information.

Utilizing quadcopter and fixed-wing drone technology, our team is able to meet the high demand for remotely sensed photogrammetric data, ideal for obtaining topographic information on recently graded or bare earth sites. We also partner with a reputable mapping company to utilize LiDAR data on thickly vegetated sites to delineate accurate topographic information. In addition to mapping, we provide site photography and videography as needed, including detailed photos of roof lines, flyover videos showing construction projects, and monitoring photos showing progress of a work area.


We offer a wide variety of solutions to aid our clients with monitoring. These services can include aerial comparisons over time, deformation monitoring, and movement monitoring for critical sitework.

Gunnin Land Surveying uses the latest technology to facilitate monitoring projects such as automated surveying to monitor movement and deformation around the clock. With this technology, we are able to collect detailed data and provide accurate movement analysis at any given time on site.

Additional Services

ADA Compliance Surveys

Surveys, measurements and topographic studies to ensure facilities and infrastructure comply with accessibility requirements

Hydrographic Surveys

Underwater surveying, including pre/post-construction sedimentation monitoring and cross-sectional data for large bodies of water

Alcoholic Beverage Proximity Surveys

Distance surveys for retailers and restaurants to comply with jurisdictional liquor regulations

Flood Certificates

Flood elevation certificates for lenders, insurance companies, or local planning & engineering departments

Underground Utility Mapping

Pre-design and construction mapping of underground utilities for residential and commercial developers


In-house permitting review and expediting from Atlanta-based permit specialists

Leaders in surveying, mapping & quality service

We work with each of our clients on a one-to-one basis, providing custom and turnkey surveying to match your project. If you’re an engineer, contractor or developer in need of surveying and mapping, get in touch with our team.