Georgia’s leading land surveyor

Gunnin Land Surveying is one of the most respected land surveyors in Georgia, trusted to bring the highest-quality service and cutting-edge technology to large-scale surveying projects. We work with each of our clients on a one-to-one basis, providing custom surveying solutions for projects across the commercial, residential, energy and environmental sectors.

Founded in 2009

Gunnin Land Surveying was founded in the midst of the Great Recession and was shaped by the needs and hardships of that time. Since then, Gunnin has grown to become a leading surveyor for residential and commercial development throughout the Southeast. Still, we are guided by the needs and requirements of our clients, ensuring that our partners are able to progress their projects efficiently and accurately.

Over a century of combined surveying experience

We’re led by a best-in-the-business team of project managers, professional surveyors and executives, all dedicated to quality service for our customers and innovation in the field of surveying.

Jesse Gunnin, PLS

Jesse Gunnin, PLS


With nearly two decades of experience as a professional land surveyor, Jesse founded Gunnin Land Surveying in 2009. As the sole owner and employee, Jesse built Gunnin Land Surveying on a firm foundation of positive thinking, quality work and client satisfaction, growing his business from Georgia to become one of the most trusted surveyors across the Southeast. Jesse now dedicates his time to developing key personnel, assisting with difficult surveys, and ensuring quality customer service.

Education: BA in Mathematics with a minor in International Studies, Southern Polytechnic State University

Certification: Professional Land Surveyor- Georgia, North Carolina, and Idaho; GSWCC Level II Certified

Contact: jesse@gunninsurvey.com or 470-977-3666

Zac Weisel, PLS

Zac Weisel, PLS

Vice President

Zac started with Gunnin Land Surveying in 2011 and has worked at every position in the company, from Field Technician, AutoCAD draftsman, and Project Manager to his current role as Vice President. He currently manages a multitude of tasks and goals for the company including preparation of proposals, market development, tracking project progress, staff training, and maintaining client relations. Zac strives to maintain strong company culture, streamlined operational procedures, and a balanced portfolio of projects.

Education: BS in Surveying and Mapping, Kennesaw State University

Certification: Professional Land Surveyor- Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, and Tennessee; FAA 107 Certified (drone pilot)

Contact: zweisel@gunninsurvey.com or 470-977-3006

Albert Gramling, Jr., PLS

Albert Gramling, Jr., PLS

Project Manager (Construction)

Albert has nearly three decades of experience as a professional land surveyor and joined Gunnin Land Surveying in 2013. He currently leads a team of AutoCAD draftsmen and Gunnin’s field crews in the completion of residential and commercial development projects. In addition, he and his team frequently handle complex commercial and municipal construction layout projects.

Education: BS in Civil Engineering Technology, Southern Polytechnic State University

Certification: Professional Land Surveyor- Georgia, Alabama; GSWCC Level II Certified

Contact: agramling@gunninsurvey.com or 470-977-3057

Richie Kook, LSIT

Richie Kook, LSIT

Project Manager (Environmental)

Richie has worked alongside Jesse Gunnin since 2003 and, after the company’s founding, joined Gunnin Land Surveying in 2011. Richie has worked in a variety of roles for Gunnin, including field technician, crew chief, draftsman, project manager, and operations manager. He currently coordinates several field crews on a number of landfills and environmentally sensitive sites throughout the Southeast, in addition to facilitating Gunnin’s safe work initiative and personnel management.

Education: Master’s in Teaching, Reinhardt University; Bachelor of History, University of Georgia; University of Florida Geomatics Certificate program

Certification: Waste Management Safety Certified; FAA 107 Certified (drone pilot)

Contact: rkook@gunninsurvey.com or 470-977-3058

Jason Collier, LSIT

Jason Collier, LSIT

Project Manager (Boundary)

Joining Gunnin Land Surveying in 2015, Jason began working part-time as a Field Technician, Equipment Manager, and AutoCAD draftsman while going to school for his Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. After completing his degree in 2020, Jason transitioned into the role of Project Manager where he currently manages a team that oversees new and existing projects that require Retracement Surveys, Topographic Surveys, ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys, Tree Surveys, Utility As-builts, and more. His commitment to clientele is to provide accuracy, precision, and excellence for every project that comes to Gunnin Land Surveying.

Education: BS in Civil Engineering, Kennesaw State University; Land Surveying Certificate, Kennesaw State University

Contact: jcollier@gunninsurvey.com or 470-977-3063

Klay Walker

Klay Walker

Project Coordinator (Construction)

Klay joined Gunnin Land Surveying in 2015 and has worked through the ranks as a field technician, AutoCAD draftsman, and Project Coordinator. Klay also brings yearsof prior experience in construction site work and applies his expertise daily. He currently coordinates 6 field crews in the completion of residential and commercial development projects. In his role, Klay prioritizes consistent client communication, articulate scheduling, quality control, and training of our current field staff.

Certifications: FAA 107 Certified (drone pilot)

Contact: kwalker@gunninsurvey.com or 470-977-3217

Lori Lamb Kingery

Lori Lamb Kingery


Lori has 17 years of experience permitting a wide variety of commercial and residential projects in the Southeast, US. She has worked with Gunnin Land Surveying since 2020 and was hired as an employee in 2021. She brings her large network of relationships with many planning and engineering departments in the local Metro Atlanta area. She has extensive experience in working closely with engineers, developers and local jurisdictions to secure residential and commercial approvals.

Contact: permitting@gunninsurvey.com or 470-977-3607

Tressa Patterson

Tressa Patterson


Tressa has 21 years of experience in public and private accounting and QuickBooks consulting for small business clients. She has worked with Gunnin Land Surveying since 2012, and was hired as an employee in 2020. She brings her extensive experience with business management, accounting procedures, financial reporting and tax planning to our office. Tressa processes new client contracts, invoices, payroll, accounts payable and receivable, and assists with business growth planning.

Education: Master’s in Business Administration and BBA degrees with focus in Tax and Accounting, Kennesaw State University.

Contact: office@gunninsurvey.com or 470-977-3330

A trusted partner

Over the years, Gunnin Land Surveying has been a trusted partner to a variety of major national brands, developers, construction companies, and homebuilders. In addition to our long-standing partnerships with leading contractors, we’re proud partners to many cities and municipalities across Georgia and the Southeast.

Leaders in surveying, mapping & quality service

We work with each of our clients on a one-to-one basis, providing custom and turnkey surveying to match your project. If you’re an engineer, contractor or developer in need of surveying and mapping, get in touch with our team.