Experienced and professional land surveying

Gunnin Land Surveying is one of the most respected land surveyors in Georgia, trusted to bring quality service and cutting-edge technology to projects across the commercial, environmental and residential sectors.

Industry forerunners across a multitude of markets

With deep expertise in surveying for large-scale commercial, utility and residential development, Gunnin Land Surveying works closely with contractors and engineers across a multitude of markets to provide accurate, expert and efficient services.

Commercial & Industrial

Turnkey surveying for commercial, office and institutional projects


Environmentally-sensitive site surveying, as well as monitoring, compaction and airspace analysis

Energy & Utility

Surveying for solar, power and gas, and utility right-of-way projects

Public Services & Transportation

Services for DOT projects, ADA compliance, inventory mapping, parks, and more

Residential Development

Comprehensive surveying services for large-scale residential development

Turnkey services across the Southeast

Gunnin Land Surveying is licensed to survey in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, and Tennessee, working with developers, contractors and engineers to provide turnkey surveying and mapping for large-scale projects.


Commercial and residential land title surveys

Pre-Design Packages

Customized and comprehensive site surveying tailored to your project

Construction Layout

Layout and field coordination to support timely and accurate construction

UAV Services and Aerial Mapping

State-of-the-art drone surveying, including topography, monitoring, photography and LiDAR data


Well surveys, deformation and movement monitoring, and progress surveying

An established and trusted partner

Gunnin Land Surveying is a leading partner to prominent contractors, home builders, commercial developers, engineers and energy companies throughout the country.


“Gunnin Land Surveying has been my number one surveying firm during my 10-year career at Ashton Woods. The entire Gunnin team is experienced at their job and professional in their work. Being charged with running land development in our Atlanta Division, I can count on Jesse Gunnin and his team to deliver on time, accurate information through all phases of our projects.”

– Greg H, VP of Land Development, Ashton Woods Homes - Atlanta

“I have had the pleasure of working with the team at Gunnin Land Surveying for the past five years.  They are the go-to surveyor for a large client of mine, and I can understand why.  The Gunnin team is comprised of efficient, detail-oriented, and talented surveyors who go above and beyond the role filled by most surveyors.”

– Kiran M, Attorney, Sheley, Hall & Williams

“I have ordered surveys from Gunnin for many years and have always been extremely satisfied with the accuracy and quality of their work, their professionalism, and their promptness in completing surveys. It is comforting to know that I can rely on the surveys being provided to me by Gunnin. And best yet is that they are on time, every time!”

– Kevin N, VP of Land Acquisition and Development, Empire Communities

“Gunnin Land Surveying, LLC has surveyed several parcels for the City of Holly Springs over the past few years.  I have found their staff to be extremely professional, and I have always been very pleased with their work product.”

– Rob L, City Manager, City of Holly Springs

“We highly recommend Gunnin Land Surveying to our clients whenever we get the chance. Their surveyors are great to work with, provide exceptional work-product, are very reliable, and promptly respond to any questions or comments we have.”

– Katherine D, Partner, Dorough and Dorough

Over a decade of quality service

Led by a dedicated and experienced management team, Gunnin Land Surveying brings together leading land surveyors, state-of-the-art technology, and high-profile clients across an extensive portfolio of projects.

Leaders in surveying, mapping & quality service

We work with each of our clients on a one-to-one basis, providing custom and turnkey surveying to match your project. If you’re an engineer, contractor or developer in need of surveying and mapping, get in touch with our team.