Aria at Glenridge and Abernathy
Project Overview

One of Gunnin Land Surveying’s biggest project to date, the site of what is now known as Aria was surveyed over the course of roughly 6 months. Located in Sandy Springs, Georgia, the site consists of over 100 acres around Glenridge Drive and Abernathy Road and will soon be a large scale townhome and detached lot development by Ashton Woods, apartments by Streetlights Residential and headquarters to Mercedes-Benz USA.

Detailed roadway infrastructure drawings were produced, along with various ALTA, topographic, environmental, utility, trees surveys and division plats. Below is just a portion of the initial ALTA and topographic survey.

Woodmont Project Overview

The boundary survey of Woodmont Golf Club in Cherokee County, Georgia presented a challenge unlike most other surveys. The primary purpose of the survey was to provide a survey of current conditions and identify gaps, overlaps and encroachments around the course’s boundary. However, the site includes over 200 acres of golf course, lakes, streams, clubhouses, amenity areas, paths, subdivision lots, rights of way and many other features.

The field work itself was extremely challenging, in that our crews were at all times to be respectful of players and adjoining homeowners, while also adhering to a strict deadline. The result was a total success and a premier example of how well both our office and field staff coordinated with course owners and maintenance staff. Below is a consolidated sheet showing the entire area, with most interior features removed for clarity.

Collier Ridge Project Overview

The ALTA/NSPS and topographic survey of Collier Ridge Apartments in the City of Atlanta is a fine example of a highly detailed survey of a heavily improved site on exceptionally steep terrain. The site contains 49 individual apartment buildings and countless retaining walls, utilities, sidewalks, etc. Below is one of the sheets we produced depicting a portion of the site.