ALTA/NSPS Land Title

We routinely perform ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys (more commonly referred to simply as an ‘ALTA’) that are typically required in real estate transactions involving commercial and development properties in general. Our team combines many years of experience working with our clients’ lenders and attorneys in preparation of ALTAs. ALTA surveys require a higher level of accuracy and detail than the standard boundary survey and also provide much more in terms of record matters, easements, etc.


Land subdivision

Land subdivision requirements vary widely among various municipalities in Georgia, and our team is very familiar with most. We have worked hard to develop a strong reputation in this sector, and we continually expand our client base in doing so. This is achieved this by providing a very hassle-free experience to our clients through the review process of the local governing authorities. Hundreds of subdivision plats, from just a lot split up to several hundred lot subdivisions, have been produced and recorded by our firm.



Topographic surveys are most often utilized by design professionals as a basis for site planning, architecture, engineering, landscaping and many other uses. A topographic survey (topo), at a minimum, captures the slope and grades of a particular area or property, which are depicted using contour lines and spot elevations. Typically a topo will also include a very accurate horizontal and vertical location of existing site improvements, pipelines, utilities or any other information needed by the client or design professional. Our team can provide any level of accuracy and detail required to suit design needs.

boundary 2.png


Boundary surveys are by far the most common type of surveys and are where the profession of land surveying formed its existence. Most often, a standard boundary survey depicts a single property and includes an accurate location of the property lines and corners, site acreage, major improvements and encroachments. Boundary surveys are recommended (often required) for the following:  land transactions, basic design, home additions, property line marking, boundary line disputes, area calculation, flood zone determination and much more.



In addition to the items listed above, we also routinely provide the following services to our clients:

  • Tree surveys

  • Construction staking

  • Utility as-built

  • Site plans

  • Hydrographic

  • Flood elevation certificates

  • Proximity surveys for alcohol permits


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